USS Emmons

USS Emmons wreck diving in Okinawa
USS Emmons wreck diving in Okinawa
USS Emmons wreck diving in Okinawa
USS Emmons wreck diving in Okinawa
USS Emmons wreck diving in Okinawa
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Okinawa dive sites map
  1. Cape Hedo
  2. USS Emmons
  3. Ie Island
  4. Minna / Sesoko Island
  5. Manza / Manza (shore)
  6. Cape Maeda (Blue cave)
  7. Cape Zanpa
  8. Sunabe
  9. Kerama
  10. Tonaki
  11. Aguni
  12. Gorilla chop


*This is a dive site that requires a check dive.
What is a check-dive?
Participate as a regular fun dive at another dive site before, and the instructor will judge whether he/she can take you to an advanced dive site.The content to be evaluated includes basic knowledge, equipment assembly, trim, air consumption, and reactive responses in the water.

USS Emmons

Highly recommended dive point in Okinawa
maximum depth 45m

It is said to have been sunk by the U.S. military itself during World War II to prevent leakage to Japan.
The destroyer Emmons was attacked by five Japanese suicide planes with severe hull damage.

This historic ship lies on the north side of Kouri Island - at a depth of 45 meters. The length is about 106m
Due to the weathering of the hull over the years and typhoons, a part of the bow of the ship collapsed at the end of 2022.

Best profile of USS Emmons diving and compare

AIREAN27AIR + O2 70% (1.5ATA)EAN27(1.5ATA)
+ O2 70%
EAN27(1.5ATA/double) + O2 70%
Maximum depth40m40m 45m45m45m
Maximum bottom time20 ~ 25min28min30min37min49min
Maximum depth time7min12min12min17min22min
Deco stop9m,6m/1min9m,6m/1min15m,12m/1min
Safety stop5m/3min5m/6min5m/3min5m/3min
Air Consumptions1477L2141LAIR / 2054L
O2 70% 245L
EAN27 / 2656L O2 70% 287LEAN27 / 3298L
O2 70% 418L
*This dive plan is a conservative figure. This plan is for reference only and should not be used in practice.

AIR / Recreational range otherwise, technical or extended range.
Surface interval : 90min and Second dive gonna be short and shallow

Meeting point

We meet up at Kouri port at 8am.
The boat leaves 8:30am

Once you arrive, assemble your equipment on the boat.
Change into your wetsuit, and ride on the boat.
The trip to the dive point takes about 20 minutes.
*There are no changing rooms , so please wear your swimming wear beforehand.