Tec40 diver course

Consists of seven knowledge development sections, four practical application sessions and four training dives. Designed for the diver transitioning from recreational diving to technical diving.

Equipment to learn

  • Single wing type BCD
  • Aluminum tank S80 or S72
  • Deco gas S40

Equipment to be prepared by yourself

  • BCD
  • Regulator ( 210cm long horse )
  • Torch
  • DSMB (Spool/30meters and Surface marker buoy or Lift bag)
  • Backup Mask
  • Dive computer
  • Wrist type Compass
  • Cutting device
  • Slate and pencil
Student Prerequisites
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Equivalent
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver
  • PADI Deep Diver or proof of 10 dives to 30 metres/100 feet or deeper
  • 30 logged dives
  • 18 years old

Recommendation from TEAL ORANGE DIVE

  • Have a own equipment
  • Usually perform the frog kick( helicopter turn, backward kick )
  • 100 logged dives

Practical Application
  • Assemble the technical diving equipment
  • V-drill
  • S-drill
  • Propulsion techniques
  • NO TOX gas switch / switches gas on computer
  • Calculate SCR based on your dive
  • Dive planning by using software
  • Following GUE EDGE
    • Goal
    • Unified Team
    • Equipment
    • Exposure
    • Decompression
    • Gas Plannig
    • Enviroment
  • Review the emergency procedure
  • Analyze tanks and note information
Performance Objectives
Tec 40Dive oneDive twoDive threeDive four
EnvironmentConfined water with water shallow enough in which to standOpen waterOpen waterOpen water
GasesAir or up toEAN50Air or up toEAN50Air or up toEAN50Air or up toEAN50
DepthMax 10mswMin15 ~ Max 24mswMin18 ~ Max 40msw
Min17 ~ Max 40msw
Deco No stop onlyNo stop( simulated )No stop( simulated )up to 10min using a Deco gas or 15min bottom gas throughout dive
1AssemblyPlan Deco divePlan Deco divePlan Deco dive
2Predive sequence
Predive sequence
Predive sequence
Predive sequence
3Signal communication any limit reachedSignal communication any limit reachedSignal communication any limit reached
4Buoyancy and Trim checkS-drill
swim 2min
Gas change to stage or Deco cylinder
5Hover (1min)V-drillNO TOX gas switch
6Frog kick
Helicopter turn
Back kick
7Regulator recover and clearNO TOX gas switchMask remove and replace
8Mask remove and replaceGas change to stage or Deco cylinder
Optional 3 simulated problem
9Valve shutdown drillSCR of Deco gas during stop for later calculateDSMB
(receiver and donor)
Backup DSMB deployment
11Deco cylinder remove and replaceOptional 3 simulated problem

Breathing wrong deco gas which is higher oxygen at depth
12Gas switch
DSMB ascent
13NO TOX gas switch
15Simulate Deco stop ( 8min )
All skill are performed without bottom contact

TEC40 diver course preschedule

E-learning5daysHome studying
Day1ClassroomPractical application / Configuration your Equipment ,Knowledge review paper test
Day2Dive one CWConfined water training
Day3Dive two
Dive three
Day4Dive fourDecompression dive
Day5Extra day
Tec40 course pre schedule