Cape Hedo

Cape Hedo is located at the northernmost tip of Okinawa Main Island and is a popular diving spot featuring the famous Hedo Dome (Ginama Stalactite Cave). With three additional dive points, all offering drift diving, the seasonal spot Payao is especially famous for encountering of oceanic blacktip reef sharks, and schools of batfish. Each point is within a 15-minute boat ride from the port, allowing us to return to the port after each dive.
Feel free to contact us for alternative dates or if you have any preferences.

Price : $150~
2dives22,000 or $150
3dives26,000 or $180
SIDEMOUNT 2dives27,000 or $190
Double tank 2dives27,000 or $190
EANx1cylinder / + 2,000 or $15
Equipments rental / Day
Full rental5,000 or $40
BCD , Regulator , wetsuit1,500 or $10 / each
Fin and Boots1,500 or $10
Mask and Snorkel1,000 or $7
Torch ( Flash light )1,000 or $7
Dive computer 1,000 or $7
The schedule of the day
Pick up (Onna area)6:30
Meet at the Dive Site : Ginama port7:45
1st dive 8:30(as soon as ready)
2nd dive10:30
Short Lunch time12:00
3rd dive12:30
Drop off2:30 – 3:00
Set schedule


Okinawa dive sites map
  1. Cape Hedo
  2. USS Emmons
  3. Ie Island
  4. Minna / Sesoko Island
  5. Manza / Manza (shore)
  6. Cape Maeda (Blue cave)
  7. Cape Zanpa
  8. Sunabe
  9. Kerama
  10. Tonaki
  11. Aguni
  12. Gorilla chop (shore)

DIVE POINTS at Cape Hedo

Okinawa diving in Hedo dome

Hedo dome 辺戸ドーム

The most famous dive point at Cape Hedo
limestone cave
maximum depth 18m
At the end of the cave, there is an air dome with a diameter of about 15 meters, which can be reached to the surface.

Okinawa diving in Cape Hedo

Twin god rock 二神岩

Drift dive
maximum depth 25m

Okinawa diving in Cape Hedo


Drift dive
maximum depth 20m


Drift dive
maximum depth 25m

Payao” is a Filipino term referring to a floating fish aggregating device, essentially a single rope extending to a depth of 100 meters in the open sea. Around this Payao, one can observe the presence of blacktip sharks and batfidh, among other marine species.

Meeting point

We meet up at Ginama port at 8am.
The boat leaves 8:30am

Once you arrive, assemble your equipment on the boat.
Change into your wetsuit, and ride on the boat.
The trip to the dive point takes about 15 minutes.
*There are no changing rooms , so please wear your swimming wear beforehand.

Pick up (Onna area)6:30
Meeting time at sight7:45
1st dive 8:30(as soon as ready)
2nd dive10:30
Short Lunch time 12:00 – 12:30
3rd dive12:30
Drop off2:30 – 3:00
Set schedule