Gorilla chop (shore diving)

The dive site “Gorilla Chop” derives its name from a rock formation that resembles a gorilla chopping. This is a spot enjoyable for all divers. With a shore entry, the average depth is around 7 meters, with a maximum depth of about 13 meters, making it suitable for all types of diving such as experience dives, training dives, and configuration checks for technical diving. In winter, you can encounter many nudibranchs and rare underwater creatures here.
EANx, SIDEMOUNT, and Double tanks options are also available. Feel free to contact us for alternative dates or if you have any preferences.

Price : $70~
1 dive10,000 or $70
2dives14,000 or $10019,000 or $130
SIDEMOUNT 1 long dive (90min~)18,000 or $120
Double tank 1 long dive (90min~)18,000 or $120
EANx1cylinder / + 2,000 or $15
Equipments rental / Day
Full rental5,000 or $40
BCD , Regulator , wetsuit1,500 or $10 / each
Fin and Boots1,500 or $10
Mask and Snorkel1,000 or $7
Torch ( Flash light )1,000 or $7
Dive computer 1,000 or $7
The schedule of the day
Pick up (Onna area)8:00
Meet at the Dive Site : Gorilla chop9:00
1st dive 10:00
lunch time11:30
2nd dive12:30
Drop off12:30 , 2:00
Flexible schedule


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Gorilla shop

Maximum depth 13m / Average depth 6m

It is possible to go diving even in conditions influenced less by sea conditions, such as during a north wind.

As points of interest, there are scattered coral formations on sandy areas, as well as small marine creatures such as nudibranch. About 100 meters offshore from the entry point, there is a pier where you can often discover rare marine life such as lionfish, and seasonal marine species based on water temperature.

Meeting point and Tentative schedule

We meet up at Gorilla chop at 8:30am.
Look at below “table” If you need pickup

There are bathroom , changing room and shower
*Needs 100yen/3minute for take shower

Pick up (Onna area)7:30-8:00
1st dive 10:00
lunch time11:30
2nd dive1:00
Drop off3:00
Tentative schedule for 2 dives (Recommended for beginners)
Pick up (Onna area)7:30-8:00
1st dive ( Approx 1.5 hours )10:00
Drop off1:30
Tentative schedule for 1 long dive (Recommended for advanced)