Cape Zanpa

At Zanpa Misaki, you can enjoy dynamic terrain diving. Although there are hardly any original formations, there are amphibious tanks from World War II and a cavern located at a depth of 30 meters, making it suitable for advanced drift diving. There are also large sea fans where pygmy seahorses can be observed, allowing for enjoyment of both wide-angle and macro photography.
EANx, SIDEMOUNT, and Double tanks options are also available. Feel free to contact us for alternative dates or if you have any preferences.

Price : $130~
2dives19,000 or $13023,000 or $160
3dives23,000 or $160
SIDEMOUNT 2dives25,000 or $170
Double tank 2dives25,000 or $170
EANx1cylinder / + 2,000 or $15
Equipments rental / Day
Full rental5,000 or $40
BCD , Regulator , wetsuit1,500 or $10 / each
Fin and Boots1,500 or $10
Mask and Snorkel1,000 or $7
Torch ( Flash light )1,000 or $7
Dive computer 1,000 or $7
The schedule of the day
Pick up (Onna area)7:15-7:30
Meet at the Dive Site : Toya port8:00
1st dive 9:00
2nd dive10:30
Lunch time12:00
3rd dive2:00
4th dive3:30
Drop off12:30 / 4:30 / 5:30
Set schedule


  1. Cape Hedo
  2. USS Emmons
  3. Ie Island
  4. Minna / Sesoko Island
  5. Manza / Manza (shore)
  6. Cape Maeda (Blue cave)
  7. Cape Zanpa
  8. Sunabe
  9. Kerama
  10. Tonaki
  11. Aguni
  12. Gorilla chop (shore)


Light house

maximum depth 40m

Alligator ( Lion rock )

maximum depth 35m
LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked) is an amphibious tractor operated by the U.S. Navy and its Marine Corps during World War II.

Twin rock ( Dragon head )

Drift dive
maximum depth 35m

Meeting point

We meet up at Toya port at 8am.
The boat leaves 9:00am

Once you arrive, assemble your equipment on the boat.
Change into your wetsuit, and ride on the boat.
The trip to the dive point takes about 20 minutes.
*Please wear your swimming wear beforehand.