Seasonably diving , Duration : April to July
Thousands of Jackfish at the points around Aguni Island for courtship, creating various formations as males appeal to females. The males, appearing black, exhibit breeding colors during the mating season. In addition to the Jackfish, you can also observe Napoleon , tuna, and other pelagic marine life.
Feel free to contact us for alternative dates or if you have any preferences.

Price : $190~
3dives27,000 or $190
Equipments rental / Day
Full rental5,000 or $40
BCD , Regulator , wetsuit1,500 or $10 / each
Fin and Boots1,500 or $10
Mask and Snorkel1,000 or $7
Torch ( Flash light )1,000 or $7
Dive computer 1,000 or $7
The schedule of the day
Pick up (Onna area)4:30
Meet at the Dive Site : Migusuku port5:30
1st dive 8:30
2nd dive10:30
Lunch time12:00
3rd dive12:30
Came back to port3:30 – 4:00
Approx schedule


Okinawa dive sites map
  1. Cape Hedo
  2. USS Emmons
  3. Ie Island
  4. Minna / Sesoko Island
  5. Manza / Manza (shore)
  6. Cape Maeda (Blue cave)
  7. Cape Zanpa
  8. Sunabe
  9. Kerama
  10. Tonaki
  11. Aguni
  12. Gorilla chop (shore)

DIVE POINTS at Aguni island


maximum depth 25m
Fudenzaki on Aguni Island is famous as large schools of jack fish that form tornado-like whirlpools. The currents are always strong and the dive site is suitable for advanced divers, but the scenery is breathtaking. The transformation of the site into not only a tornado, but also a ball and a river makes for an unforgettable dive. This is an advanced dive site, so it is necessary to have at least 100 dives of experience and to have drift experience and to bring DSMB.

Meeting point

We meet up at Migusuku port.

Diving in Aguni island day trip