Dump valve

The dump valve of a BCD, or Buoyancy Control Device, is a mechanism designed for controlled release of air from the BCD bladder. This valve plays a crucial role in helping divers achieve precise buoyancy control during a dive. There are usually one or more dump valves strategically placed on the BCD.

When a diver needs to release excess air from the BCD, they can manipulate the dump valve(s). Depending on the design, dump valves can be either automatic or manual. Automatic dump valves release air automatically when a certain pressure is reached, preventing over-inflation. Manual dump valves, on the other hand, are controlled by the diver, who can open the valve to release air by pulling a cord or pressing a button.

In summary, the dump valve is an essential feature of a BCD, allowing divers to manage their buoyancy effectively by releasing or venting excess air from the BCD bladder as needed.