Wing type BCD

A Wing type BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) in scuba diving is a buoyancy compensator that incorporates a wing-shaped bladder design. Unlike traditional jacket-style BCDs, where the bladder wraps around the diver, a Wing BCD has a wing-shaped bladder positioned behind the diver’s back.

The Wing BCD design provides a more streamlined profile in the water, promoting horizontal trim and reducing drag. The wing is typically positioned on the back of the diver and is often connected to a harness, which can be a backplate and harness system or a soft harness.

Wing BCDs are popular among technical and experienced divers who prioritize buoyancy control and trim. They are commonly used in conjunction with a backplate and harness, allowing for a more customizable and modular diving setup. Technical divers often prefer Wing BCDs for their versatility, ease of adjustment, and efficient gas distribution.

It’s important for divers using a Wing BCD to receive proper training and familiarize themselves with the specific features and adjustments of this buoyancy control system.