SIDEMOUNT diving in Okinawa

We are one of the few shops in Okinawa offering SIDEMOUNT diving.

As you know, SIDEMOUNT diving requires suitable equipment and a suitable environment.
In Japan, steel cylinders are the norm and valves are usually of the YORK type. The same is true in Okinawa.
On the other hand, SIDEMOUNT are usually made with aluminium cylinders and DIN valves.
We at TEAL ORANGE Dive Shop offer aluminium cylinders with DIN valves and provide equipment suitable for SIDEMOUNT diving.

Why the main island of Okinawa is suitable for SIDEMOUNT diving

Technical diving is not famous in Okinawa and the environment is not one that requires technical skills. There are only a few CAVEs in the whole of Japan that require a full cave licence.
However, sidemount diving can also be enjoyed within the recreational range. There are several places to enjoy sidemount diving on the main island of Okinawa.
While boat dives require you to exit within the limits, shore dives allow you to dive for longer periods of time without worrying about boat time and taking advantage of the sidemount.

There are several shore dive sites on the main island of Okinawa and we will guide you through our recommended sidemount courses.

Price of SIDEMOUNT diving in Okinawa

1 long shore diving
2 boat diving
For more information, please see the sidemount price list .

For those interested in SIDEMOUNT

To start sidemount diving, you must first attend the PADI SIDEMOUNT Speciality Course and be certified.
For more information on the course, please click here

You will need to provide all your own equipment to start sidemounting. All sidemount equipment is configured exclusively for you and is not available for hire. For example, it takes several hours of set-up time to fit a sidemount BCD to yourself.
Sidemounted equipment is not cheap. If you are interested in cave diving and want to take it to the next level, come and enjoy sidemount diving with us.
You can buy sidemounted equipment at our TEAL ORANGE DIVE GEAR SHOP.