Hydrostatic date

The hydrostatic date of a scuba tank refers to the date on which the tank underwent a hydrostatic test. A hydrostatic test is a safety measure conducted on a regular basis to assess the structural integrity of the tank. This test involves pressurizing the tank with water to a predetermined level and monitoring its expansion.

The hydrostatic date is a crucial piece of information for divers and dive shops, as it indicates the most recent date the tank passed the hydrostatic test. Scuba tanks are required to undergo this test at specific intervals, usually every five years, although regulations may vary by region.

Divers should always check the hydrostatic date on a scuba tank before use. Tanks that have surpassed their hydrostatic date may not be filled by dive shops until they pass a new test. Ensuring that tanks are regularly tested contributes to diver safety by identifying and addressing potential structural issues in the tanks.

Hydrostatic date marking on the aluminum tank
Hydrostatic test on September 2023