Yoke valve

The “yoke valve” in scuba diving, also known as an “A-clamp” or “international valve,” is a type of valve used on scuba tanks to connect the regulator to the tank. This valve is characterized by a yoke-shaped metal piece that clamps around the tank’s valve, securing the connection.

The yoke valve is a widely used design, especially in North America, and is recognizable by its straightforward and easy-to-use mechanism. The regulator is attached to the tank by placing the yoke over the tank valve and then tightening it with a screw or knob to create a secure seal.

One advantage of the yoke valve is its simplicity, making it easy for divers to assemble and disassemble their gear. It is commonly used with standard compressed air and is suitable for recreational diving where lower pressures are typically encountered.

However, for higher-pressure applications or when using gas mixes like enriched air nitrox, divers may opt for the DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) valve, which provides a more secure and airtight connection. Some regulators are designed to be convertible between yoke and DIN configurations, or divers can use a DIN-to-yoke adapter if needed.

In summary, the yoke valve is a widely used and easily recognizable design for connecting a regulator to a scuba tank, commonly used in recreational diving, especially in North America.

The term “yoke” in the context of the yoke valve in scuba diving refers to the yoke-shaped metal piece that clamps around the scuba tank’s valve. The design of the yoke resembles the letter “Y,” with the arms of the yoke extending around the sides of the tank valve and the stem connecting to the regulator.

The yoke design is simple and effective. To secure the connection, the diver places the yoke over the tank valve and tightens it with a screw or knob, creating a firm seal. The yoke valve is also known as an “A-clamp” or “international valve.”

The name “yoke” likely originated from the visual resemblance of the metal piece to the shape of the letter “Y.” This terminology has become widely adopted within the scuba diving community and is commonly used to describe this type of tank valve connection.

It’s worth noting that the term “yoke” is mainly used in North America. In Europe and many other parts of the world, this type of valve is often referred to as the “A-clamp” or “international valve.”